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City of Greenville Governmental Structure
Mayor & City Council The Greenville City Council is comprised of a Mayor elected at-large and six single-member district Council members who are elected for three-year terms to represent the citizens of the City of Greenville.
Council-Manager form of Government The City Charter of Greenville provides for a Council-Manager form of local government. The Mayor and Council members function as the policy-making body of the City's government, determining the overall goals, objectives, and direction for city services, and adopting the annual operating budgets for all City Departments.
City Manager As the chief executive officer appointed by the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for implementing of the policies and laws approved by the City Council, overseeing the City’s annual budget, and facilitating the completion of strategic priorities, projects, and initiatives directed by the City Council.
Source:  City of Greenville


City Facts
County Hunt
Population  26,058
Area 35 square miles
Miles of streets 190 miles
Fire Protection (ISO) PPC Rating of 3
Number of Fire Stations 5
Number of Firefighters 51
Number of Police Stations 1
Number of Police Officers 51
New Building Permits Issued in 2019
Commercial 7
Residential 149

City of Greenville - Annual Report for all Permits 2016