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Local Taxation

Local Property Tax Rates – Adopted Rates for 2017
(Applicable to Real & Personal Property and Inventory)
Taxing Entity Tax Rate per $100
City of Greenville $.642162
Greenville ISD $1.228481
Hunt County $.508512
Hunt Memorial Hospital $.230
Total Combined Tax Rate $2.609155
Source:  Hunt County Tax Office


Local Sales Tax Rates
City County State
1.5% .50% 6.25%
Total Sales Tax Rate:  8.25%
Source:  Texas State Comptroller

State Taxation

  Texas has no state property tax
State Income Tax Texas has no state personal income tax
Corporate Franchise Tax Incorporated business chartered and authorized to do business in Texas are subject to the state franchise tax.  Corporations are generally taxed at a rate of 1% of revenue margin based on the lease of (1) total revenue minus cost of goods sold, (2) total revenue minus compensation, or (3) total revenue times 70 percent.   For entities engaged in retail and wholesale trade, the tax rate is .5%.  Visit the Texas State Comptrollers Office at http://www.window.state.tx.us/ for more information.