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Council approves $4.7 million sewer project at L3

The Greenville City Council has approved on a $4.7 million sanitary sewer improvement project at the local L3 Mission Integration plant.

The effort will be undertaken through the city’s partnership with the company under the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

The council voted approve the project Tuesday. The item was included under the consent calendar as part of Tuesday’s regular agenda.

Under a standing agreement, L3 constructs a building at the airport, or conducts expansions or renovations to existing structures, and immediately turns the improvements over to the IDC, which then donates it to the city itself.

The defense contractor benefits by not having to pay taxes on the property, while the City of Greenville gains by acquiring significant improvements at no cost.

Also Tuesday, the Greenville IDC Board approved the renovation of the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation & Replacement Phase 2 Project. Mart Inc. of Irving is in line to receive the project, which is estimated to cost $4,711,666.48 and to take a year to complete.

The effort is part of a multiphase plan to replace the sanitary sewer main from Building 211 to the City of Greenville lift station north of the facility.

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