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Sabert Ground Breaking

GREENVILLE, TX – Sabert Corporation has begun construction for its new manufacturing facility, located in Greenville, Texas. In addition to manufacturing plastic packaging, this facility will also produce 100% compostable packaging made from plant based materials. The occasion was marked by a ground breaking ceremony led by Sabert founder and CEO, Albert Salama who was joined by Thomaz Gruber, Senior Vice President of Operations & Supply Chain, Steve Roberts, Greenville Plant Manager. Also present, representing multiple Greenville and Hunt County entities:

Hunt County Officials: Judge John Horn, Commissioner Todd McMahan

Greenville City Council members: Mayor David Dreiling, Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Ransom, Councilwoman Holly Gotcher, Councilmen Cedric Dean, Councilmen Brent Money, Councilmen John Turner, and City Engineer John Wright;

Greenville Electric Utility System: Chairman Mike Taylor and General Manager Alicia Price; Greenville ISD: Principal Heath Jarvis, Dean of Instruction Matt Spivy, Principal Stacey Kluttz, and Community Relations Amy Wade

Greenville Chamber of Commerce: Board Member Marilyn Wineinger, Board Member Mike Decker, Board Member Willy Morgan, Board Member Jessica McShane, Board Member Stenson Sanders, Director of Finance Shelly Corales, and Director of Membership Michelle Wiker

Hunt Regional Hospital: President/CEO Rich Carter, Board Member Ron Wensel;

Office of the Governor: Janie Havel

Greenville Board of Development: Chairman Randy Tarpley, Vice Chairman Terry Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer Holly Gray, Board Member Barbara Denuyl, Board Member Steve Knox, Board Member David Ellis, President/CEO Greg Sims, Contracts Administrator Barbara Carter, Director of Business Development John Dickson.


Albert Salama thanked Hunt County and the City of Greenville for their support during the building process and spoke about the significance of the facility, “At the heart of this facility we will build, is our commitment to the environment”. He continued, “The more sustainable options we can offer our customers, the more we help the environment by replacing products that might end up in a landfill. We aim to make packaging that is compostable and will disintegrate into natural elements in a compost environment providing for a better future for us and our children.”


The Greenville facility, expected to be fully operational by early 2019, will bring over 125 jobs to the area. The addition of this facility, which will be Sabert’s first American facility to manufacture 100% compostable food packaging, speaks to the company’s 35 year commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.  “We commit to building a world class facility, create many jobs and provide our workers with a safe and enjoyable organization, helping to expand our community, deliver more options to our customers and be a valuable corporate citizen.”



On behalf of the Sabert Corporation’s commitment to education, Mr. Salama presented checks to GISD Representatives Heath Jarvis, Matt Spivy, Stacey Kluttz, and Amy Wade for the benefit of the GHS Career & Technical Education Programs (CTE) and the Katherine G. Johnson STEM Academy.


Mayor David Drieling took to the podium with warm welcome to the Sayersville, NJ Headquartered Sabert Corp. “We welcome Sabert to the business community in Greenville. We welcome the job creation and expanded tax base to our community that Sabert represents. Thank you to Mr. Albert Salama and the entire Sabert team for selecting Greenville as your new home. We look forward to working with you for many years.”


Hunt County Judge, John Horn, echoed the sentiments of Mayor Drieling. “It is our pleasure to be at the historic groundbreaking ceremony for such a great company. Sabert Corporation is a fine corporate citizen to add to the growth of Hunt County. The addition of a 450,000 square foot facility that plans on expanding to over 1 million square feet is a great accomplishment, not only to the company but also to Hunt County. The jobs created and capital expenditures will add to the continued growth of Hunt County. We welcome Sabert and Mr. Albert Salama and your team to Hunt County.”


Greenville Board of Development Chairman, Randy Tarpley, welcomed Sabert to Greenville. “It’s a great time to be in Greenville, Texas, Tarpley remarked!” “After a national search that also included Mexico, the City of Greenville and Greenville Board of Development are excited to welcome Sabert Corporation to our community. We are thankful for the commitment of Sabert to join our manufacturing partners and to further expand our presence as a vibrant and exciting place for corporate America to consider. Sabert Corporation plans on a capital expenditure in excess of $250 Million over 10 years and plans on hiring up to 400 employees in that same period. Special thanks to Sabert President Albert Salama and Greenville General Manager Steve Roberts for their support during this process. We look forward to many years of growth together.”




Pictured Left to Right: Donald McFarland, Fernando Marin, Alicia Price, John Wright, David Ellis, Mike Taylor, Matt Spivy, David Dreiling, Cedric Dean, Mike Kubacak, Holly Gotcher, Jerry Ranson, Marilyn Wineinger, John Turner, Stacey Kluttz, Shelly Corales, Willy Morgan, Randy Tarpley, Steve Roberts, Janie Havel, Mike Decker, Albert Salama, Brent Money, Thomaz Gruber, Amy Wade, Holly Gray, Todd McMahan, Jessica McSHane, Barbara Denuyl, Heath Jarvis, Terry Thomas, Rich Carter, Stenson Sanders, Ron Wensel, Steve Knox, Kim Buttram, Greg Sims, George Alexander


About Sabert Corporation


Sabert is a leading global manufacturer of innovative food packaging products and solutions. The company was founded in 1983 on a single mission: to enhance and advance the way people enjoy food. Today the company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for food distributors, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, national food chains and consumer entertaining. Headquartered in Sayreville, New Jersey, Sabert operates North American facilities in New Jersey, California, Kentucky and Indiana as well as manufacturing facilities in Belgium and Zhongshan, China. Using its proprietary Packaging Value Model™, Sabert combines deep insights about food lifecycles and consumer lifestyles, with fast and flexible production capabilities. Its industry-leading product designs encompass all five areas of innovative packaging: Performance, Presentation, Safety, Sustainability, and Economics.  Learn more at www.Sabert.com!

For more information regarding Sabert’s packaging solutions, visit www.Sabert.com or call 1(800)722-3781. SOURCE: Sabert Corporation http://www.Sabert.com