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Thomas named Worthy Citizen of Greenville

To say Terry Thomas was surprised Thursday to be named as the 2016 Worthy Citizen of Greenville would be an understatement.

“I am shocked,” Thomas said as he stepped up to the platform to accept the award and receive congratulations from presenters Roselyn Lane and Larry Green Jr.

“Does the Board know what they did?” Thomas asked

Lane and Green teased out Thomas’s qualifications for the honor before announcing his name.

Thomas retired from the Air Force after almost 25 year, including two tours of duty in Vietnam and was employed at E-Systems/Raytheon and retired from L-3.

Thomas has been involved in a plethora of activities, organizations and events; including the Bob Wills Fiddle Festival, the Downtown Stroll, the GMA Seat Campaign, the Air Force Association Golf Thing and the American Cancer Society Golf Tournament for the past 27 years.

Thomas has been a Greenville Chamber of Commerce Lead Ambassador, the chair of the Greenville Tourism Board, vice-chair of the Greenville Board of Development and is active in the Knights of Columbus.

Thomas is currently employed as Director of Sales for the Helms Hotels Group.

“This is incredible,” Thomas said of the distinction, noting that he is aware of so many people who could have been chosen for the award. “So many I think are more deserving than me, honestly.”

Thomas thanked several people in attendance, including his close friend Dr. Jerry Ransom, and gave the most credit to his wife, Vicki Neese-Thomas.

“Behind every successful man is a great woman,”

Thomas is the 80th person to be named as a Worthy Citizen in the 69 year history of the award.

By Brad Kellar | Herald-Banner
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