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Majors Field

The Greenville Municipal Airport, Majors Field (GVT) provides a safe and efficient aviation facility for Greenville and the surrounding region. The airport, situated just a short distance from I-30 and 45 miles northeast of Dallas, is a prime location for corporate, medical, and general aviation businesses and pilots. Majors Field is the largest airport between Dallas and Little Rock and is located outside the Dallas Terminal Control Area. The primary runway is 150 feet wide, with a length of over 8,000 feet and usable distance of 10,000 feet, enabling it to accommodate some of the largest aircraft in the market.


Air and ground traffic is directed by FAA certified operators from a 145-foot high control tower equipped to transmit and receive all civilian frequencies. The airport is also features FAA-certified non-Federal airport surveillance radar (ASR), permitting controllers to issue air traffic advisories on all aircraft within a 20-mile radius.

Majors Field Airport boasts many amenities for the general aviation community. The Terminal building serves as the center for general aviation airport operations and management by the fixed base operator (FBO). The Terminal is equipped with weather-tracking computers and provides space for airport administration office functions, fixed base operators, pilot flight planning, restrooms, a pilot lounge, and a meeting/conference room.

The terminal area includes more than 30,000 square feet of lighted asphalt ramp space with tiedown stations equipped with static grounds and electrical power outlets to facilitate pre-flight and post-flight operations. The airport, FBO, and tenants on the airfield provide a variety of other services, including:

  • Fueling facilities for 100LL and Jet A fuels
  • Ground support equipment for aircraft equipped with reciprocating, turboprop, turbojet, and fanjet engines
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Aircraft Parts
  • Charter Service
  • Flight Instruction
  • Hanger Space
  • Around-the-clock Crash and Fire Protection

Majors Field is home to Greenville’s largest employer, L-3 Communications Mission Integration, who specializing in the modernization and maintenance of aircraft of all sizes and from all over the world. L-3 Communications has thrived at Majors Field, due to its ability to support all aspects of large aircraft operations, maintenance, and modification on-site. The airfield accommodates virtually any type of aircraft that L-3 conducts work on and routinely handles large military aircraft. L-3 Communications Integrated Mission is the primary employer at Majors Field, with an employment base of 5700 workers.